Thursday, 2 June 2011

Postage paid.

By chance we were playing on the slide outside our apartment when the post lady rang our doorbell.  After a quick conversation we found out that she had mail for us.  All very exciting in this age of electronic correspondence.  Doubly exciting because there were two letters for us.

She then asked for 100 pesos.
100 pesos isn’t much but my inner voice has short arms and long pockets.
There’s a stamp on the envelope.
Apparently you pay the post person to deliver your letters here.  Isn’t this their job?   I’m just glad that we don’t get junk mail or we’d go broke.

One of the letters requested my presence at the Department of Long Waits and Plastic Chairs.  Good news on the visa front thought I.  So I put on my Sunday bests and headed for the Dept of LW&PC but now that it is the quiet season not as many people are here looking for work.  Instead of the mandatory 90 minute wait I was able to go in straight away and speak to the person I spoke to last time.

Yet again there is a detail that needs to be clarified on my contracts.  I need to have an annex added to the contracts, signed and notarised to state that I am not working at opposite ends of the city simultaneously.  I have a feeling that at Christmas time, as we are packing our bags, I will see a stamp in my passport allowing me to stay in Chile for a year. 

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