Monday, 20 June 2011

The purple people eater.

Normally the sound of rain on the roof is very relaxing.  One person described this sound as endless Velcro being pulled apart.  Welcome to Velcroparaiso.    We know of one leak in the roof and it is over the kitchen.  Now whenever it rains through the night our first thoughts are, did I put the laptop away, where’s the camera, will there be a new leak discovered in the morning?  This morning’s student looked at the bowl catching the drips in our kitchen, “This is typical.”  What’s not typical is this much rain.

It’s quite difficult keeping the kids at home on rainy days.  They have to be quiet while students are here and there’s catch up work the next day.  We took a vote this morning if the children should go to school.  As a family of four the vote came out two against two.  The children learnt some Latin, quorum.  Usually a quorum is one more than half of the members so there aren’t any ties.  Talluah cast the deciding vote using her maiden name and the children were told to put on their uniforms.  

We have a purple plastic table coth left over from Truce’s party.  Thus founded the great transport company The Purple Walking Bus.  I stood at the front, Indiana and Truce in the middle and Talluah, striding like a cowboy so she didn’t crush Truce, held the rear.  We synchronised our steps and walked up to the end of the paseo in search of two things, an awning and a colectivo (a taxi that follows a set route) with three spare seats.  We found both and the children made it to school dry and in record time.

Talluah did an emergency dash to the Lider for groceries.  There were men strategically placed at every crossing selling umbrellas.   What a perfect location.  Potential customers trapped out in the rain while they wait for the lights to change.  Talluah even watched one vendor weave through the traffic to the other side of the road because there were more people waiting there.

When she returned from the Lider it was time to get Truce.  Seeing as she was already wet, Talluah volunteered to go up to the school.  She returned with not one but two children and two umbrellas.   The cleaner from the school had given her two slightly battered umbrellas that had been left at the school.

We needn’t have worried about Indiana having to do any catch up work. With all the wet weather only about 20% of the students turned up.  Several of the classes teamed up to watch Shrek.  Next time it rains this much we’ll home-school for the day – I love Shrek.  

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  1. Liesl and children going to bed26 June 2011 at 05:58

    I wish you wouldn't use such tricky words, like Quorum, :P , because conscientious parents like me have to explain them and the 20 minutes I had allocated for blog reading before bed time becomes 47 minutes. And you know how tough that can be on a school night. (perhaps you should put a readers warning on tricky words). Beunos Nachos.